HUB Montreal

HUB Montreal

Created byAntenneCréative, a non-profit company,and produced by Avalanche Prod, HUB Montréal strives to maximize the business potential and promote the know-how of digital creativity artisans as well as innovative content developed by local companies in the cultural and entertainment sectors. By offering a creative industries marketplace, HUB Montréal offers a veritable window onto the creative ecosystems as well as a springboard to international markets. The initiative also aims to unite many specialized events of the creative and cultural industries each November in Montréal to put forward an irresistible offer to attract international investors and influencers. The 2nd edition of HUB Montréal will take place from November 12 to 14, 2018.

It’s no secret: Montreal is a hotbed for no-holds-barred artistry, trailblazing entrepreneurship and world class talent. Whatever is in Montreal’s water, other cities would love to take a swig. And with HUB Montreal being part of the official programming for the city’s 375th anniversary, they’ll get their chance to drink to their heart’s content.

Equal parts conference, festival and marketplace, HUB is a global opportunity for influential actors from across the cultural and creative industries to converge, exchange ideas, collaborate, and do business. It’s programming is divided into two major components: Hub Pro, which focuses on business-to-business (B2B) needs, and Hub Fest which is open to the public and entertainment-oriented.

At the beating heart of it all is you. No matter your background, HUB Montréal is sure to stretch your thinking and provide fresh perspectives on the cultural and creative industry’s shifting landscape through a series of meetings, workshops, activities and keynotes. That way, you’ll be able to face today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.


HUB Montreal is a professional marketplace that showcases digital creativity in the fields of culture & entertainment  ”

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Coeur des Sciences I UQAM

HUB crossroad of creative ecosystems

  • Music

  • Video Game

  • VFX and sound

  • Multimedia

  • VR/AR

  • Branding

  • Trans-sectoral

  • Networking

Meet the HUB Team

The realization of this event has been made possible by: 


  • Sebastien Nasra, President, Founder & General Director
  • Marc-André Charron, Executive Producer
    Marie Côté, Associate Producer, Director of programming & International Affairs 
  • Tcharli Mathurin, Marketing & Communication Director
  • Priscilla Goulet, Marketing & Communication Coordinator
  • Alice Chauvelot, Business Development Coordinator
  • Gilbert Ouellet, Content Consultant
  • Claude Gagnon, Project Manager
  • Etienne LeBourdais, Operations Coordinator
  • Nathalie Courtville, Private Finance Manager
  • Julie René, Public Finance Manager
  • Maurice Rosellini, International Delegates Coordinator

    Realized by Antenne Créative
    Produced by Avalanche Prod