When digital creativity becomes a must for real estate

By Rachel parent, Project Manager, HUB Montreal

Today, the influence of the digital industry is increasingly present in real estate, transforming both the energy and the value of a space. Indeed, the addition of digital creativity installations (such as digital and interactive projections or immersive sound experiences), makes it possible to offer to users of its spaces an environment conducive to creation, escape, dreams and comfort. These installations also have an increasingly important social impact as they make it possible to transform buildings, airports, office buildings or shopping malls into more attractive and soothing places. 

Digital initiatives, such as the one carried out by Gentilhomme at the Terminal C of Orlando International Airport (see photo above), not only arouse the interest of the public but are also valuable resources for real estate developers and the population as they allow to revitalize, to give new energy into a particular sector. 

The association of art and real estate is a phenomenon that has always existed, but which is now growing and spreading internationally: real estate developers are more and more inclined to integrate digital creativity projects from the preliminary decisions in terms of creating real estate projects. Thanks to this integration, the properties contribute to the uniqueness of a place, enhance it as a destination of interest and reach a more diversified public. 

With digital creativity, integrating art with real estate is no longer a simple addition, but thus becomes an integral part of the experience, creating captivating, engaging and sustainable spaces. In addition, thanks to technological advances, developers can also collaborate with artists and create works that stimulate interest and growth in this field. Digital creativity in real estate offers multiple benefits such as increasing and consolidating property values, expanding neighborhoods and developing economic opportunities. 

Several real estate partners, including Gensler and Cadillac Fairview Toronto, will travel to Montreal from October 16 to 18 to discover the possibilities offered by digital creators from Quebec during the 7th edition of HUB Montréal. An opportunity, not to be missed, to put into practice an integrated digital approach and to meet the major players in the sector! We are waiting for you next October at OASIS Immersion and beyond its walls in the Palais des congrès.