4 practical questions to the National Bank

Do I manage my company’s cash flow as I used to?

With the situation caused by COVID-19, many small and medium-sized businesses face additional challenges in managing their cash flow. For this reason, it is important to closely monitor your accounting and cash flow to ensure healthy financial management in times of crisis. If you are an entrepreneur, here is some advice and information on calculating liquid assets and how to optimize them.

COVID-19: Optimizing your business’s liquidity


Do I need to reshape my business model? 

With the situation caused by COVID-19, many companies are facing significant concerns. You are an entrepreneur and are facing some challenges? Perhaps it is time to think about the future so that you can turn this unprecedented period into a win-win situation. Here are some tips and ideas to guide you in your reflection if you think it is time to review your business model.

Covid-19: How do you rethink your business model?


As an employer, how do I keep my team motivated?

In a context where working from home is becoming more and more common, many entrepreneurs are looking to offer a stimulating work environment to effectively mobilize their employees. Here is our expert’s advice on how to succeed in this mission with ease.

Working from home: How to improve the corporate work environment?


How to protect your business from currency rate fluctuations?

As soon as you start doing business using foreign currency, you become vulnerable to currency rate fluctuations. Any change in currency value has an impact on how much you receive or owe. There are many ways to define foreign exchange risk, which is also called currency risk, exchange rate risk and FX risk. But there is one thing to remember: a company is vulnerable to foreign exchange risk when the value of its transactions and investments, not to mention its viability, are affected by currency rate fluctuations. Here are five tips to help you protect yourself.

How to protect your business from currency rate fluctuations?


Josée Turcot
Accounts director
Creative Industries Group