C2, Zú and HUB Montréal: Focus on a digital creativity hub that works

When we think about Montreal, we think about artists.

Montreal has a cultural dynamism, an artistic sensibility. Montreal is a source of creative and talented people envied by all his neighbors

Musicians, actors, directors, circus artists… without forgetting digital artists.

Visual artists, immersive experiences, special and visual effects, video games, interdisciplinary digital arts, virtual and augmented reality, interactive documentaries and participatory interactive public art installations, a young and innovation-driven field that is currently booming. And Quebec  is among the world leaders in this field.

Montreal has a true passion for digital art, and this passion spreads thanks to the talent that the city attracts and exports, and to the resources deployed to support and propel this high-speed development.

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The Digital Creativity Hub: acting together for a global effect

It is in order to stimulate Montreal’s presence and reputation as a world capital of art and digital creativity that, during The 375e, Zú, C2 and HUB Montréal became partners in a unifying initiative with the common goal to bring digital creativity projects to light.

3 companies, 1 hub, 1 mission: Make Montreal glow to become the world capital of digital creativity.

It is thanks to a complementarity of expertise and knowledge and a true synergy that the mission of the Digital Creativity Hub takes on its full meaning: To recognize, support and spread the talents of digital creativity.

Recognize, support, and spread the talents of digital creativity

Step 1: C2 Montreal acts as a catalyst for business creativity. C2 Montreal is designed for leaders and organizations that have a deep desire to learn, exchange, collaborate and find the inspiration needed to meet the new challenges of their industry, seize the opportunities on the horizon and help shape the future of business.

Step 2: acts as a talent incubator, supports people in their project creation and growth process, facilitating access to the resources needed to develop new intellectual property.

Step 3: HUB Montréal showcases the creative industries. HUB Montréal acts as the international marketplace and the business driver for digital creativity companies in the fields of culture, entertainment, and experiential marketing.

What achievement this year?

The trio has shown great synergy and complementarity. This year, four companies that will showcase at HUB Montréal have participated in the Zú incubator and will benefit from the visibility of HUB Montréal.

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