Cluster: a VFX company on a human scale

"We're trying to keep VFX fun and when I say the effects,
it's the filmmaking process in general. " - Marc Morissette, Cluster

Hub Montreal presents a series of podcasts featuring encounters between programmer Julien Klein and digital creativity professionals which will be showcased during the 3rd edition of HUB Montréal November 18 to 21, 2019. Julien spoke with his guests in their offices to capture the atmosphere of these innovative places. They discuss their vision, creation and the future. Today, we present to you Marc Morissette from Cluster.


Marc Morissette dreams of a human scale company and wishes to simplify video production processes. His objective is to offer an efficient 360° service: from shooting with green screen to post-production, including visual effects for all types of production. He believes the final result on the screen is directly linked to the pleasure the team had when making a film. It is in this spirit that he created Cluster in Montreal in 2015.

After over 20 years working for the biggest studios in Montreal, Boston and Los Angeles (including on the film X-Men) as lighting artist and VFX/compositing supervisor, Marc Morissette wanted to make post-production services available for all kinds of budgets. Cluster’s philosophy is based on developing a strong team spirit while maintaining a playful aspect at work in order to encourage creativity.

His vision attaches great importance to training and knowledge sharing. He has created about 30 video tutorials for Nuke software on YouTube to facilitate the arrival of new employees and partners. Eventually, he will even offer tips to help artists combine the long hours of work behind a computer with a more harmonious personal life. To be continued…

Cluster: a VFX company on a human scale -PODCAST-