Contest – Bruxelles-Montréal: Allers-Retours

In collaboration with Stereopsia and in partnership with XR4Heritage THE LAB, here are the studios that have been selected to participate in the Booster Culture & Heritage program to be held from December 8 to 10, 2021 at The EGG Brussels.

Within this context, they will be able to present their solutions/content to the Brussels institutions as well as to Belgian, European and international decision makers and private investors

cadabra and the project "The Augmented Stones"

Calabra will create a permanent 360° immersive exhibition space to showcase Brussels’ architectural heritage (with a central challenge: to make invisible or inaccessible monuments such as the Aubecq Hotel or Palais Stoclet visible)..

Creo and the project "Atelier des Artisans"

Creo creates an interactive device to give the opportunity to young and old to learn about a craft practice that is representative of Brussels’ heritage. The idea is to combine, in a multi sensory scenography, different spaces of edutainment games to allow the visitors to slip into the shoes of an “apprentice craftsman”.

Neweb Labs and the project "Marchand de sable"

A video-projection device on a boat for the creation of a river show on a 4 km route. A permanent experience, which will evolve each year to offer an open-air showcase for urban digital artists and a new destination for a promenade and sublimate the experience for everyone.