L’Effet Québec: The Export Expertise Cluster

L’Effet Québec: The Export Expertise Cluster is a new B2B gateway serving Québec creative industries’ export needs

“L’Effet Québec – The Export Expertise Cluster” is a new B2B gateway dedicated to building bridges among companies, sectors, and markets both here and abroad in an ongoing effort to showcase Québec’s creative industries, including their products, services, and know-how.

This collaborative project was developed by Xn Québec in partnership with Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, SODEC, Ville de Montréal, Investissement Québec International, and Fonds Québecor. Its mission is to boost the cross-pollination of expertise and networks so as to enable Québec’s innovative digital companies to pursue growth and development opportunities on the world stage.

A presentation webinar on “L’Effet Québec” will take place on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 12:30 PM (ET).
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THREE audiences, ONE shared mission!

1.     Maximizing visibility for Québec companies and studios

Québec companies and studios are world leaders in many areas of digital creativity, including interactive installations, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, immersive films and exhibitions, architectural mapping, and artificial intelligence (AI) entertainment. It is high time we showcased their agility and risk-taking.

This window on the world will allow them to succeed in multiple markets through collaborations with new business partners, while more easily finding local contacts that can provide export assistance targeting markets all over the world.

Thanks to Xn Québec’s brand recognition – especially to the studios and its funders, partners, and friends – and through Xn Québec’s partners’ business networks and far-flung cultural and trade attachés specializing in creative industries, export-centric programs and events, your own company fact sheet, a specialized search engine, and more, everything is in place to maximize your visibility and open doors to export, collaboration, and co-production opportunities.

2.     Developing business opportunities with international companies

A highly accurate search engine can be used to maximize business opportunities, networking, and building connections. As a result, potential buyers and investors can easily find companies with a specific profile.

Thanks to this powerful search engine with numerous input categories, including territories, sectors of activity, products, services and technologies, international players will quickly find a Québec company that can provide the expertise that is missing from their project and a contact person’s name. This will boost chances for global success for all Québec-based digital creation companies.

A few functionalities to discover:

3.     Providing cultural, economic, and trade attachés with effective tools

This project will fill an unmet need: to provide trade and cultural attachés with a vital resource.

As genuine assets for Québec and international companies, attachés help build bridges for future business relationships. They can establish useful meetings between local companies that are ready to enter into production, co-production or collaborative agreements and businesses from elsewhere looking to benefit from Québec’s digital expertise.

By making it easier for potential foreign partners to find – right here – the partnerships and skill sets they need, “L’Effet Québec” uncovers new opportunities for participating companies and studios.

Find out more about all the benefits offered by L’Effet Québec: the Export Expertise Cluster on its platform.