Meet the MEET Digital Culture Center this year at HUB Montréal

On November 16 and 17, major worlwide players in the fields of digital culture, entertainment and experiential marketing will gather virtually on our international market for creative industries.

HUB Montréal Returns November 16 – 17, 2020

This year, HUB is partnering with three creative cities abroad to foster privileged connections between Montreal and these international hotspots fertile in innovation and digital creativity. Three Creative Cities to stimulate discoveries and forge business networks with local creators.

MEET Digital Culture Center – Milan, the 1st Creative City partner for HUB Montréal 2020

Led by Maria Grazia Mattei, the renowned digital culture expert, this new cultural space ranks as a vector of Italian expertise abroad, bringing forward highly creative ideas and generating cutting-edge projects.

In October, MEET will open its headquarters in the center of Milan: 1500sqm on three floors designed as a media and phygital space (physical and digital) by Carlo Ratti, architect-engineer who heads the MIT Senseable City Lab. MEET is at the forefront of technological change as well as digital art and design, with an approach focused on encounters, accessibility and inclusion.

Throughout her career, Maria Grazia Mattei has promoted numerous initiatives dedicated to the awareness and diffusion of digital culture in collaboration with international organizations including Venice Biennale (Italy), Siggraph (USA) and Imagina (France).

MEET Digital Culture Center was born out of Meet the Media Guru with the decisive support of Fondazione Cariplo, one of the world’s leading philanthropic organizations dedicated to helping organizations to better serve their communities and provide ideas for the future.

MEET is designed as a social-oriented institution it collects, promotes and shares creative ideas and innovative projects to reduce the digital cultural divide and guarantee an increasingly more active participation with an approach centered on meeting and inclusion.

MEET Digital Culture Center is a physical and virtual space for the production and diffusion of events, exhibitions, conferences, master classes and digital experiences for the Italian territory. The center is also the Italian node of an active and global network between Europe and the rest of the world, promoting the exchange, sharing and construction of innovative projects with national and international partners.

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