NUMIX AWARDS’s laureates showcase at HUB Montréal 2020

With the common purpose of recognizing the talents of digital creativity in Quebec and internationally, it is quite obvious that HUB Montreal and the NUMIX AWARDS have set up a reciprocal partnership with the ultimate goal of bringing out and spreading throughout the world the value of Quebec’s expertise in digital creativity.

This year, the NUMIX AWARDS have been reinvented to deliver the NUMIX / REMIX, an event redefined by and for the industry, in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

It is thanks to the resilience of an entire industry, studios and artists support, the synergy and talents of everyone, that four 20-minute episodes, as well as a live virtual set design, were made possible, giving the artists and their work additional visibility.

Virtual means open to the world, open to the world means democratization and outreach of digital art to a wider audience.

Vast Body 22 and Innere Musik showcase at HUB Montréal 2020

This year, 2 laureates of the NUMIX AWARDS can be showcased at the 2020 edition of HUB Montréal: Vast Body 22 from AATOAA and Casadel Films and Innere Musik from Halo Création and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal.

Vast Body 22 wins the NUMIX AWARDS in interactive digital work category for innovation in the integration of machine learning, the enhancement of dance as a language of expression and its ability to create an intimate relationship with the spectator.

Innere Musik wins the NUMIX AWARDS in immersive digital work category for the boldness of its technical production that allows us to see the other side of the set and for the revaluation of a little-known instrument.

NUMIX Grand Prix unveiled on november 17

NUMIX Grand Prix is attributed to a production that stands out for the originality of its script and direction, all categories considered. The production is selected by the jury from all the winners of the competition.

NUMIX Grand Prix will be unveiled on November 17, 2020 during the virtual edition of HUB Montreal.

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In 2021, the NUMIX AWARDS ensure its batch of novelties!

The creative industries are, more than ever, catalysts of wealth and levers of development. It is why, the NUMIX AWARDS are adjusting and reinventing themselves to better meet the needs of our fast-growing industry.  In 2021, an international dimension, new categories, a fusion with the consultation forum, etc. will be added.

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