Nyla Innuksuk

Writer - Marvel Comics

Nyla Innuksuk is the founder of Mixtape VR which produces Virtual and Augmented Reality content. A writer for Marvel Comics, Innuksuk co-created the character of Snowguard, a teenage superhero from Pangnirtung, Nunavut and a member of Marvel’s Champions League. Working in mixed media allows Nyla to channel her passions for technology and genre storytelling among mediums that include interactive graphic novels, film, television and synthetic experiences. Originally from Igloolik, Nunavut, Innuksuk studied film at Ryerson University in order to pursue her passion for horror. Innuksuk recently directed her first feature titled “Slash/Back”, a film about a group of teenage girls in Nunavut facing an alien invasion, with a release planned for 2020. In addition to her film and digital work, Nyla sits on the board of directors of Ontario Creates (formerly the OMDC) and the Glenn Gould Foundation. She is an ambassador for the Northern Indigenous Film Fund in Norway and was named one of Playback Magazine’s Top 5 to Watch in 2019.